BOX OF BEAUTY | a film

File Dec 27, 2 50 24 PM

BOX OF BEAUTY is a modern erotic adaption of the Greek myth of Psyche. An incomparably attractive mortal, Proto, inspires the passion and wrath of the gods. Set in twilight temples and carnal dungeons, this impressionistic film fuses high and low art, techno-beats, love sonnets and hot men into a one-of-a-kind, magical and immersive experience you’ll take a first date to … and never forget.

Characters include:

The repressed High Priest, who has devoted his life to the
The aging Goddess of Beauty, whose existence is threatened by a new order led by
The mortal Proto, who seeks self-fulfillment by upending the Gods’ regime; and
The Goddess’ son the God of Love, who longs to fall in love and escape the confines of his perfection.

The screenplay and score are written by Garrett Fisher.

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