Louise’s hall of masks

There’s always a surprise waiting when I stay at Louise McCagg’s art studio on trips to New York. Two years ago I found blue, frozen ice-heads in the freezer. Last night at 3 am, a bronze head broke from its hook and and came crashing to the floor, sounding similar to a gunshot.

Louise has created masks over the past 12 years for the Fisher Ensemble, including the head pieces for The Passion of Saint Thomas More and the “Moon Face” for Moon in the Bucket. Her signature heads – reduced from life-size portraits and cast in bronze, aluminum, was and paper – take on the impression of the otherworldly. Louise: “They are now free to be my agents of love and horror, caring and bravado, silliness and oddness.” I’m not certain if she’s talking about her sculpture or her houseguests.

(Photos by AC Petersen.)