At the Hawk’s Well – dates!

February 26-27, 2010 (Fri-Sat)
Seattle: The Chapel  8 pm

March 17 (Wed)
Boston: The Cathedral Church of Saint Paul 12 pm

March 20 (Sat)
New York City: Judson Memorial Church Matinee & 8 pm

At the Hawk’s Well is the 9th in a series of operas by Garrett Fisher about mythical and historical figures.  Based on Yeats’ Noh-inspired play of the same name, At the Hawk’s Well will explore the Cuchulain legends of Irish mythology, and includes words by Basho and Buson.

Christy Fisher (choreographer & dancer)
Jeremiah Cawley (music director & vocalist)
Kristen Ramer Liang (vocalist)
Margaret Lancaster (flute – New York & Boston)
Clifford Dunn (flute – Seattle)
Esther Sugai (Indian harmonium – Seattle)
Garrett Fisher (Indian harmonium – New York & Boston)
Greg Bagley (6 string fretted bass)
Dean Moore (percussion & gongs)
Ken Cerniglia (dramaturg)
Louise McCagg (masks)

At the Hawk’s Well has received support from 4culture