Vexations & tulips

Join us at Jack Straw Productions as a rotating cast of pianists plays through Erik Satie’s infamous “Vexations” theme 840 times, as suggested by the composer’s vexatiously enigmatic note on the original manuscript.  The performance will start at 4:00pm on Saturday, May 15th, and end after the piece has been played exactly 840 times (approximately 18-24 hours later).  To our knowledge, this will be the first time this has been done in Seattle.

–>Seattle Times article

I’ll be performing at 6:30 pm and 3 am.

The participating pianists represent a diverse swath of creative Seattle, including Daniel Arthur, Byron Au Yong, Gavin Borchert, Gust Burns, Jensina Byington, Dawn Clement, Ann Cummings, Shenandoah Davis, Keith Eisenbrey, Garrett Fisher, Chase Hills, Robin Holcomb, Wayne Horvitz, Julie Ives, Karin Kajita, Jennifer Keuer, Paul Kikuchi, Brian Kinsella, Tiffany Lin, Rachel Matthews, Roger Nelson, William Chapman Nyaho, Michael Owcharuk, Hayley Pike, Tito Ramsey, Amy Rubin, Erin Rubin, Korby Sears, Nicole Truesdell, Alexandra Tsirkel, Stanley Whitfield, and Kelly Wyse.
Listen along to the entire performance, broadcast live by Hollow Earth Radio at

From my garden: electric tulips.