Things I appreciate about my performers

Things I’m appreciating about my performers as I edit the web-opera Psyche:

–how easy it is to edit Ben Black‘s voice
Catherine Treadgold‘s ability to embody Aphrodite’s voice – angry, lilting, sad, jovial
–The Chorus (Kristen Ramer Liang, Shawna Avinger, Sarah Marroquin)’s conversation sections, the many different takes & how hard it is to choose the best ones
Dean Moore‘s gongs – always sound so good on recording
Stan Shikuma‘s Taiko – spot on the beat!
Esther Sugai‘s emotive wooden flute playing (and how it sounds being vocoded with birds)
Maria Mannisto‘s lightness and innocence in her voice as she creates the Daughter role
Gary Zinter‘s wonderfully formal King chanting section – both rigid and personal