Rodrigo Aben-Athar

I’m thrilled to have Rodrigo on board as a filmmaker for my new project, Psyche the web-opera.  Rodrigo’s film “An Arrow” was the winner of this year’s Armchair Internet’s competition. He’s going to be one of five (or so) filmmakers that adapt the live version of my opera Psyche to the ‘net.

One unexpected pleasure of watching the videos for the Armchair competition was that I had no idea who the artists were.  There were no long biographies to read, no press quotes or accolades, no resumes.  There were no program notes, only videos (and the artists’ locations). 

Along these lines, one neat thing for me about Psyche the web-opera is that I’ll be collaborating with artists who I have never met and who live far, far away. I feel very lucky in that I’ll get to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures, and I’m sure that I’m going to learn a lot. 

Rodrigo – tell me about where you live.  How did you learn about the Armchair Internet Competition? And who’s the cute kid that’s your logo for Vimeo?

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