The Passion of Saint Thomas More (2009, 2007, 1995)

Music & Words: Garrett Fisher | Choreography/Co-Direction: Christy Fisher | Co-Direction/Dramaturgy: Ken Cerniglia | Masks: Louise McCagg

Rather than a literal interpretation of history, The Passion of Saint Thomas More is a meditation on More‘s decision to be true to his convictions and his refusal to agree to Henry VIII’s demands.

Available on BIS Records…

Photos by Nayia Frangouli.

2009 Performance (St Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle, WA): Katherine Hanson (Thomas More) | Maria Mannisto (Margaret) | Jeremiah Cawley (Henry VIII) | Christy Fisher (Dancer) | Taina Karr (English horn) | Greg Bagley (6-string fretted acoustic bass) | Dean Moore (Dumbek) | Esther Sugai (Indian harmonium)

2007 Performance (Judson Memorial Church, New York, NY) | Thomas More Church, Kansas City, MO |  Queen Anne Christian Church, Seattle, WA: Katherine Hanson (Thomas More) | Linda Strandberg (Margaret) | David Stutz (Henry VIII) | Christy Fisher (Dancer) | Taina Karr (English horn)  | Matthew Anderson, Jay Kauffman (Guitar) | Dean Moore (dumbek) | Garrett Fisher (Indian harmonium)

BIS CD: Anna Vinten-Johansen (Thomas More) | Christina Högman (Margaret) | Olle Persson (Henry VIII) | Taina Karr (English horn) | Sven Åberg (Guitar) | Göran Månsson (Percussion) | Garrett Fisher (Indian harmonium)

Classics Today gives the CD a 10/10…

WNYC interview:
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“Spare, elegant, and beautiful.” –TimeOut New York

“Hypnotic, magical, enchanting and moving…[with] touches of pure dramatic genius.” –Gramophone

“This is simply one of the most beautiful CDs I have ever reviewed.” –Fanfare

“The focus and beauty of the work stunned me.” –The Seattle Weekly

“Fisher has an acute ear for timing and dramatic structure.” –American Record Guide

“Spectacularly eerie…infused with beautiful desperation.” –The NewMusicBox

If you’d like to learn more about this piece, contact the Fisher Ensemble at fisher.ensemble at gmail.