Magda Mockup Day 1 & 2

Day 1: Kathea Yarnell as Magda Goebbels. We got up to the point where Magda decides she can save her children.  Well, we know what happens in the end, don’t we?

Day 2: Shawna Avinger as Joseph Goebbels.    I’m in the background, with my new computer set-up: two screens.  Yay!

Kristen Ramer Liang morphs into 11 year old Helga, singing as if her life depended on it (Helga, that is).

Helga in a pouty moment (she is 11, after all):

Joseph Goebbels & Helga: BFF.

But if push came to shove…

Next up:  David Stutz as Hitler-Her-Leader and John Coons as Hitler-Her-Lover.  (Why are there 2 Hitlers? Stay tuned to find out.)