February 27


Dean Moore: Business Manager

I’m thrilled to announced that Dean Moore, a percussionist and member of the Fisher Ensemble, is going to serve as the Ensemble’s new Business Manager. He’ll be helping organize upcoming touring potentials, as well as a season of performances that we’ll be presenting in Seattle in 2013-14. A little bit about him:

Dean is a versatile percussionist who lends his skills to a variety of collaborative projects, as well as solo performances.  During the past few years, he has specialized in composing and performing music for gongs and other resonant metals. Many of his instruments have been collected on his travels throughout Asia and other regions.   Dean has been working and touring with Garrett Fisher and the Fisher Ensemble since 2005.  He also performs with The Aono Jikken Ensemble.  Currently, he is a member of a live foley team made up of members of A.J.E. that has toured internationally, performing an original sound effect (foley) scores for Guy Maddin’s silent films BRAND UPON THE BRAIND, and most recently TALES FROM THE GIMLI HOSPITAL (REFRAMED). www.deanmooredrums.com​​​

Photo: Courtesy of Tim Aguerro.