March 14


THE IRIS in 30 seconds

The screenplay for THE IRIS (by Garrett Fisher) is based on opera THE IRIS (music by Garrett Fisher) which itself is based on the 14th century Japanese Noh play THE IRIS (by Zeami), which is based on a chapter of the 9th century Japanese classic TALES OF ISE (by the poet Narihira).

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In Fisher’s screenplay – an Asian Steampunk fairy tale – Juno tries to save his lover Princess Ise who risks death by Miyabi, an agonizing wasting disease brought on by lovesickness. In equal measures sweet and macabre, replete with samurai swords and sci-fi kimonos, Juno races deep into the dark and magical land of Mikawa (aka the Olympic National Rainforest) in search of the iris’ immortalizing elixir. Fisher’s haunting, immersive and moody score evokes a bittersweet other-world in which love requires separation and a high stakes journey in order to be made whole.

We plan to film The Iris in the Hoh Rainforest (above photo linked from Wikimedia).

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