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February 28

Ghosts Performance – Feb 27

February 27

Ghosts Rehearsal

We’re performing Ghosts of Monticello at Bucknell Hall.

February 26


Taken about 15 minutes from Bucknell campus.

February 25

Lewisburg at Dusk

February 22

Ghosts rehearsal

February 19

Ice Window @ Bucknell

Going from 60 degrees & balmy to -10 was a shock. But I’m having fun at Bucknell University working on Ghosts of Monticello with the producer Emily Martin Moberley​ in the meantime.

February 18

Bucknell Hall

Where we’ll be performing Ghosts of Monticello. 

February 11

Ghosts poster for Bucknell

February 07

Immanuel Abraham

Here’s a video of a great violinist, Immanuel Abraham, with whom I’ll be working while I’m at Bucknell helping with the production of Ghosts of Monticello. 

January 16


This was written by Carmen Gillespie, who’s written the libretto for THE GHOSTS OF MONTICELLO: The origins of so much of American national identity begins (or is invented) with the earliest cross-racial encounters, encounters that are fraught with power dynamics and connected to larger symbolic paradigms, but also are deeply subjective, human and individual. Although […]