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Japan Arts Connection LAB interviews me

Here you can read an  interview with me about Noh posted on the Japan Arts Connection Lab website. Make sure to like the Fisher Ensemble facebook page to follow an exciting new project (related to the interview) in the works… And here’s a video about another Noh-based project, Kocho.

August 24

How Tagore Won the Nobel

Tagore wrote many poems while in seclusion on his houseboat – giving the word “vessel”  – which is often used in Gitanjali to refer to the human body – an added layer of meaning. On the day when death will knock at thy door what wilt thou offer to him? Oh, I will set before my guest […]

August 03

A conversation between Einstein & Tagore

Read a conversation between Einstein & Tagore here… They discuss issues of science and chance, and also differences between Eastern and Western musical traditions. My favorite paragraph: Tagore: There is in human affairs an element of elasticity [in Indian classical music] also, some freedom within a small range which is for the expression of our personality. It is […]

August 02

Singing Tagore at Factoria Mall

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Sudarshana Das who’s helping me with translations of Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjali, written originally in Bengali. I’m incorporating these poems into my first feature-length film’s script and score and wanted to get a word-for-word translation from a native speaker. When Sudarshana wrote me that she […]

Henrik Sørensen

In doing a little research for a new project based on Tagore’s Gitanjali, I came across these amazing underwater photos of dancers by Henrik Sørensen. Here’s a video of a photoshoot: Note: according to his website, this images “may used for presentation and promotion only.”

July 12


The Alhambra – all hand carved.

July 06


History overlapping with history: the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba. Cardamom Coffee at Salon de Te…

July 05


What’s missing from these photos is the gorgeous voice of Rıfat Çalışkan.

June 19

Istanbul Photos